All Caught Up…


This post is a catch up of sorts and also kind of a pseudo re-launch of this website / portfolio / blog of mine. I’ve been a little bit confused and a rather busy little bee of late, my own fault in both cases 😜

OK so what have I been up to, well I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my online presences but was unsure of the best way to go about it for me. I had given myself a brief, I wanted to be able to get my photos and art out there on the web for plenty of people to see, but at the same time keep my personal friendly socialising kind of thing going and I wanted it to be fairly straight forward and not too complicated 😏‼️

So like the proverbial bull in a china shop 🐮 I started playing with all kinds of platforms designed for photography and art, I also created both a page and a group on Facebook connected to my personal profile. Of course I let this all get out of hand and found myself with sites / platforms coming out of my ears, it was far from simple, it was a mess and utterly confusing 🤯

I needed to make things simple again, then I thought about having my own website, if I hosted this on then I could have a website that could host a portfolio for my photos and art, I could easily have a blog as well, I could simply share stuff to my fave social medias with ease and there would be space for expanding it in most anyway I wished later, thus this Website / Portfolio / Blog was born 🥳 Of course being me I was in too much of a rush and I published the site before I had it as I wanted it and before the portfolio section was up to date. So I’ve been busy sorting the site out to be just as I want and I’ve been populating the profile with albums (which up to this point I have mistakenly called portfolios, but new ones will be albums from this point forward). So this site is now ready, just how I want it, and I am ready to move forward with it from this point onward 😁

As for the mass of social media sites and photo / art sites I’ve gathered, well I’m keeping them all ❓❓ but I’m only really moving forward with my Twitter, Instagram, this site and Facebook (but just my FB profile, the page and group are deceased). The others are just in the background, they exist, I have them, I’m just not really using them much (or in some cases at all) I just feel I may, at some point in the future regret deleting them 🤔‼️⁉️

So there we have it, all up to date, I have my favourite social medias, I have a platform for getting my photos and art out to folk, and it’s all pretty simple and straightforward, just as I had originally wanted before having an enormous brain fart.

If any of you have any suggestions or ideas for improving this site then please let me know in the comments, there may well be things I haven’t thought about, also if you spot any problems with the site or how it works also please inform me in the comments.

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy 😊🙏💖